Portrait: Tasha in Corvallis, Oregon

At home goofing around a bit with image manipulation and I came up with a style that I thought was kind of cool. Please feel free to comment to let me know what you think, does it work or not?


Baby Portrait: Navelle in Corvallis, Oregon

I photographed a lovely new baby girl, Navelle, today in Corvallis. She's just 18 days old and is a beautiful, sleepy little angel!

Is there anything cuter than baby toes and fingers...I think NOT!

And now a couple of shots with Navelle a little more awake...

Children's Portrait: Andrew & Nick in Tacoma, Washington

I participated in a Montessori School auction in Tacoma, Washington, by donating a free photo shoot. What great fun I had with the person who bid on the photo shoot, Olga, and her sons, Andrew and Nick (and of course, Buddy)! She suggested we shoot in Point Defiance Park near Tacoma, what a beautiful location. It made my head spin with all the options for places to shoot in the park. It's 702 acres big!

And speaking of big, both Nick and Andrew have big, beautiful personalities! Andrew has a bright, pinball-machine smile and reminded me of Marlon Brandow. While Nick is a soul that runs deep, reminding me so much of James Dean.

Thanks so much for a great day photographing in the park, it was a pleasure to get to know you all.

Illustration: Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox Orrery

I have had the great pleasure of being hired to shoot two beautiful examples of a hand-machined "Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox Orrery" made by Jim Donnelly of Albany, Oregon. He has written one article about the build process for "Digital Machinist" magazine and co-wrote another for The British Horological Institute Limited's "Horological Journal" and asked me to shoot photographs to accompany his articles.

Here's a quick description about the orrery written by Jim:
"Designed circa 1750, the core of the mechanism depends on gears of differing ratios to illustrate the movement of the moon's nodes and apogee as the earth revolves around the sun. It can be used to illustrate many things, including eclipses." Jim further states he was inspired by Ian Coote, see Ian's page about the orrery here.