Fantasy Photography: Emme and Tasha

We had a very fun fantasy photography shoot recently with sisters Emme and Tasha. They have matching "sisters" tattoos. It was a "40s meets punk" style of shoot. Hair and make-up by Meaghan Mackey (

Fantasy Photography: Marie

I'm starting a new category of portrait on my blog, "Fantasy Photography." It'll include lingerie/boudoir shoots (for brides, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or "just because"), and "glamour" or fashion-photography style portraiture for people that want to have a sort of "dress-up" portrait session. I'm working with a great hair and make-up artist, Meaghan Mackey, of Aspire Design Salon ( to produce this type of portraiture. She's great to work with!

"Marie" was a fun, creatively satisfying shoot. I emulated a Sarah Moon Pirelli calendar shoot from 1972 which is marked by desaturated colors, soft focus, and large grain. I was very pleased with the final look, and Meaghan created a beautiful 1930s-style makeup that worked great for what I was trying to do. And of course Marie's natural beauty really shines through. Thanks, ladies, for the great day!

Travel Photography / Random: Memories of visits home to Idaho

So I've been going back through my photos from home to find photos of my dad and uncle who both passed away in the last several months, and found a few to share. I could only find one photo of my dad and uncle together, not the greatest composition, but I'm glad I have it none the less.

I'm also including some photos I forgot I had taken of my nieces and a few shots at Grandpa's. I miss home and do look forward to going there for my dad's memorial in April, even though it'll be hard. Bittersweet.