Photo Documentary: Oregon Custom Bicycle Framebuilders Video Slideshow

Here is the video slideshow of the builders I've photographed to date for the Oregon Custom Bicycle Framebuilders Project (there are more images in each builder's section of this video slideshow than I've already posted in previous blog entries). So there'll be some new images here for you to see!

I've had a great time with the project so far, and plan to continue adding to the project with visits to other builders in Oregon. A big thank you to all of the builders who are pictured here and to those I'm still working with to schedule a shoot time. You are all amazing, talented artisans and I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to work with you!

And finally I'd like to say how jealous I am of all of you that are able to take your pets to work. How lucky are you to share your work day with your pets--they are all so sweet and cuddly!

If you'd like to learn more about the builders featured here, please feel free to check out their websites listed below the video. Also, to find out more about other Oregon framebuilders, see the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association website at:

Featured Framebuilders
Argonaut Cycles:
Belladonna Cycles:
Courage Bicycles:
DeSalvo Custom Cycles:
English Cycles:
Strawberry Bicycle:
Vendetta Cycles:
Vertigo Cycles:
Wolfhound Cycles:

And some others you might like to check out...
Hufnagel Cycles:
Renovo Hardwood Bicycles:
Vulture Cycles:
Winter Bicycles:

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